We’re Recruiting Seekers

We are in the process of recruiting people willing to join us in seeking to discover who Jesus is for the sake of a broken world. We know that when Jesus lived among us there were no distinctions. He recruited anyone interested in following him. Whether they were rich or poor, fishermen, tax collectors, prostitutes, lepers, the blind, the halt and outcasts of all sorts, he taught them all that there was a special place in God’s love for everyone. The healing touch of Jesus’ love is as important now as it always has been.The Episcopal Church embraces the teachings of Jesus by opening its ordained and lay leadership to men and women of all races, and in all conditions of life, whether divorced, single, gay or straight. There are now no barriers to ordination. There are no barriers to membership. We have embraced ALL people who seek to love Jesus with all their hearts souls and minds. And now we welcome you and those you love to the household of God.

Worship & Community

It is our understanding of God’s intention for us that we are called to be “A HOUSE OF PRAYER FOR ALL PEOPLE”. We base that statement on two authoritative biblical statements. The prophet Isaiah for instance says precisely that in a fascinating passage in the 56th Chapter of Isaiah in which both eunuchs and foreigners are invited to the Messianic Banquet. This is a remarkable statement in a tradition that tended toward racial purity. Isaiah began to open the door to the Temple a very long time ago indeed.

Jesus continues the tradition of Isaiah when he drives out the money changers from the Temple, it is precisely this statement that he uses to clarify the purpose for which he comes to God’s place of prayer. Jesus says that his house shall be a “House of Prayer for ALL People”.(See Matthew 21:13, Mark 11:17 and Luke 19:46) It seems to us that we can say nothing less.