Rev. Silvestre Romero

I’m married to a beautiful woman, Thelma, and blessed with two bright and handsome boys, Jonathan and Christopher. I’m a priest in the Episcopal Church, Ordained in the Anglican Church in the Province of the West Indies in the Diocese of Belize where I served for three years.I have served in four different Dioceses since my ordination to the Diaconate in 1996 and under five different bishops.

The ministries where I have been called have one major aspect or characteristic in common. They all have been in a context of Multi/Inter-Cultural ministry. That has been one the most exciting parts of the ministry and also one of the most challenging. It has been a passion and a clear call in my ministry to be part of a process of discernment and planning that has brought fruitful results for growth and lively community/congregational development.

Prior of being called to St Peter/San Pedro, I served with an Intercultural community where on a Sunday morning at least 4 different languages were spoken. We had the only Native American Ministry in the Diocese and the only Sweat Lodge in the County. All this has been a blessing and also a great responsibility. We continued to work on ways that we can present ourselves to the community and let the larger and immediate community know about who and what God continually called us to do and be; a place for fellowship, worship and joy, where the Love of God is experienced by the acknowledgement that in diversity God shows a love that is full of exciting and beautiful experiences.

The context of my ministry is always focused on community. There is no “I” in Team. The style of ministry that is natural and relevant to me is one where the work, the task, the effort and implementation is accomplished in community or team. This is not to say that individuals do not have a role to play, at the contrary the only way that a community can thrive and accomplish a goal is by the effort, commitment and support to and by the individuals.

I am a cradle Episcopalian, born in Guatemala, and I have served the church at local, provincial, national and international levels.


  • Member of Board of Trustees – Diocese of El Camino Real
  • Member of Correctional Institutions Chaplaincy Board for Santa Clara County, California
  • Member of Local Ecumenical Clergy Group – Kirk Connection


  • Network Coordinator for Latino/Hispanic Ministry in Province VIII Former Communication Coordinator for InterCultural Ministry Development in Province VIII – 1994-1996
  • Delegate to Synod in the Province of the West Indies – 1997

National and International

  • Member and Chaplain to The Executive Council of the Episcopal Church 2009-2015
  • Deputy to General Convention – 2006 & 2009
  • First Latino Chaplain to the House of Deputies – 2006
  • Member of Standing Commission on Domestic Mission and Evangelism – 2003-2009 (Co-chair – 2006-2009)
  • Translator at General Convention – 1994, 1997, 2000 & 2003
  • Former Member to the Council of Advice for Latino Ministry – 2000- 2005
  • Former Member of Youth Ministry Council – 2002 & 2003
  • Former President of the Board of Governors at Ecumenical College in Dangriga, Belize – 1997-1998
  • Former Local Manager of Schools for the Southern Region in the Diocese of Belize.

Ministry Experience

  • Priest in Charge of three congregations in the Southern part of the Diocese of Belize, Central America
  • Hispanic Missioner in the Diocese of Spokane
  • Rector of St. Philip’s Episcopal Church in San Jose, California
  • Priest in Charge at St Peter/San Pedro Salem Massachusetts

In my 15 years of ordained ministry I have participated and been a leader at different levels and places. These experiences have given me the opportunities to grow and learn about the broad and complex life of the church. All these have also given me the ability to relate and advocate and be an agent of change in the issues that we face in the Church and the Community