When Jesus lived on earth, he sought out all sorts and conditions of people. He recruited fishermen, tax collectors, prostitutes, lepers, the blind, the halt and outcasts of all sorts to teach us that God’s love embraces everyone. He gathered a remarkable group around him to be his disciples. Whether they were rich or poor, Jew or Greek, male or female; to him there was a special place in the heart of God for everyone. The Episcopal Church has in recent years embraced the teachings of Jesus by opening its ordained and lay leadership to men and women of all races, and in all conditions of life whether divorced, single, gay or straight. There is now no barrier to ordination. There is no barrier to membership. We have embraced ALL people who seek to love Jesus with all their hearts, and souls and minds. And so now we welcome YOU and those you love to the household of God.

Worship & Community

Sunday Services

  • 8:00AM: Holy Communion and Homily

    A said service with a brief sermon, using the traditional Elizabethan language of the Book of Common Prayer.

  • 10:00AM:Holy Communion and Sermon:

    Song and contemporary service with sermon and full variety of worship forms from various contemporary resources with special emphasis on the Taize community style of worship. Taize was an ecumenical community founded in France during World War II to be a special refuge for all those being persecuted at the time.

  • 12:00PM: Santa Comunion ~ Holy Communion & Sermon:

    A service of great joy wity a festive mood in Spanish with Latin Rhythms.